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Clients say...

I always love to have feedback from my clients and learn from what they have to say

Here are some reviews that have been shared with me...

Repton Festival 4.jpg

Putting Repton Literary Festival on the map

John Cavey, Programme Director

“We appointed Di because of her extensive experience and successful track record. We wanted a consultant that would hit the ground running, know what needed to be done to get results and would just get on with it. Di went way beyond what we had expected of her and not only ran a very successful social media marketing campaign for us but also supported the volunteer team with many other marketing and event activities."

​"I would certainly recommend Di Tunney Marketing to anyone needing really strong marketing support.”

Getting known in the music world

Filter Sequence, Electronic musician

"Di has been invaluable with helping with everything us musos don't have time for: social media, PR, video work, advice with releases and distribution, press, getting bookings... without her brilliant advice and contacts, I would have found all this so much harder...cannot recommend her enough."

Filter Sequence.jpg
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