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General Qs

  • I’ve not used social media before – would you be able to help me get started?

  • Yes of course. Social media can seem quite daunting when you use it for the first time. We’d start by identifying the best platforms for your business and your target market. I’d then take you through what to do with them, step by step and continue to support you until you feel confident to manage them yourself.

  • I’m using personal social media accounts for my business – would it be better to have business profiles and could you help me set these up?

  • Yes, you would definitely be better having business profiles as they are designed to help you to show your business in the best light. They have more functionality than personal accounts, provide insights into how your audience is interacting with your profile and enable you to run targeted advertising campaigns to promote your business and extend your reach. And yes, I could certainly help you set them up and train you in how to use them.

  • I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my digital marketing would you be able to help me focus on what will have the most impact?

  • Absolutely! I’d help you to focus on getting the most out of the platforms that are best for promoting your business and reaching your target audience. One of the big mistakes in digital marketing is spreading our limited time too thinly across too many platforms. Identifying and working effectively with one or two is definitely the best way to have the most impact and make the best use of your time.

  • I’ve been on general digital marketing courses but what I need is practical help to make it work for my business. Can you give me that type of support?

  • Yes, I definitely can. There are some great digital marketing courses available, but we can sometimes struggle to remember what we learned and apply it in a way that is appropriate for our own business at the time that we need it. The support I give is very practical and relevant to your specific needs at any particular point in time.

Bitesize Explainer Video Qs

  • Is there a charge for accessing the bitesize explainer videos?

  • The bitesize explainer videos on my YouTube channel are free to access whenever you need them. Longer and more detailed videos will soon be available on demand for a one-off price or through a monthly subscription programme.

  • How long are the videos?

  • Most of the videos are no longer than 5mins. They’re designed to you to enable you to access the information you need quickly and easily just when you need it. Many of them are part of a series of videos on a particular topic so you have the choice to either dip in to get an answer to a specific question or watch the series as a modular instructional programme.

  • What aspects of digital marketing do the videos cover?

  • The videos cover the main social media channels and other digital platforms that support these in terms of creating content and monitoring performance. They also provide advice on the fundamental principles of marketing that need to be applied for digital marketing activities to be successful.

  • Could I make a request for an explainer video on a particular topic?

  • Yes please do!  I’m always keen to hear about what people would like help with and if there is enough interest in a particular topic I’ll be more than happy to create a video to provide the relevant information and advice. You can easily let me know what you’re interested in in the comments sections on my social channels or via email. It’s also possible to request a short explainer video specific to your personal needs for a small fee.

121 Coaching & Mentoring Qs

  • In the online coaching sessions, would I be able to share my screen and show you what I need help with?

  • Yes of course. The sessions could be run on either Zoom or Teams and you would be able to share your screen and show me exactly where you are and what it is you need help with. I’d also be able to share my screen to demonstrate how to do what I’m suggesting. This can also be recorded at the time so that you can refer to it after the session.

  • Would you be able to give me feedback on what I’ve done after the coaching sessions?

  • Yes of course. At the end of the sessions we would agree on some action points and if you’d like feedback on how you’ve put these into practice we could pick them up at a subsequent 121 session or agree on a fee for me to review them and provide written feedback.

  • I would like to book a series of online coaching sessions, would there be a discount if I book and pay for them all in one go?

  • Yes, I am happy to arrange a discounted rate for multiple sessions if these are paid for in advance. You’ll be able to find a table showing these rates on my website or I can email them to you on request.

  • I would like to have some 121 coaching for my digital marketing, would it be possible to do it face-to-face rather than online?

  • Yes, it is possible to book face-to-face sessions if you’re based in the East Midlands area. They do carry a higher fee due to travel time and the minimum session time would be 1 hour.   

In-Company Workshop Qs

  • Can we specify what we would like to cover in the workshops?

  • Yes absolutely! The workshops are bespoke and designed to meet the specific needs of your company. I will have a scoping call with the organiser before the session to understand your current situation and agree  what we will focus on in the workshop. During the workshop, you will be able to apply what you’re learning to your own work and we will agree on some specific action points at the end of the session.

  • Will we have some materials to take away from the workshops and work with?

  • Yes. I’ll provide some digital assets and links at the end of the workshop for you to use for reference. You’ll also have the record of the exercises that you have done during the workshop which you can continue to work on and develop further.

  • Is there a limit to the number of people who can attend the workshops?

  • The maximum number of attendees is 12 to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to interact, discuss experiences and ask questions. It’s important that the sessions are experienced as dynamic workshops and not just training sessions as it’s only by incorporating a strong practical element that you’ll be able to start applying the learnings straight away.

  • Can we hold the workshop at an off-site venue?

  • Yes, the workshops can be held at a venue of your choice. I provide a list of the requirements for the workshop room – size, facilities, tech, refreshments etc. for you to use as a checklist. If the venue is off-site, I just ask that you handle the arrangements for finding, booking and paying for the venue.

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