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In our previous blog post, we discussed the basics and foundations of what goes into creating good content...

And even if you have those down, you can still feel stumped not knowing what to post next!

And that’s fine, we’ve all been there...

So here are some content ideas for those days when you've run out of ideas...

1. Introduce yourself

2. Show behind the scenes

3. Post a testimonial

4. Post an inspirational quote

5. Share a useful tip

6. Share a useful resource

7. Post a tutorial

8. Describe a day in the life

9. Promote your services/products

10. Answer frequently asked questions

11. Post a meme

12. Share user generated content

13. Create or join a challenge

14. Post industry news

15. Share fun facts

16. Show a photo of you and/or your team

17. Jump on a trend

18. Give a shout-out to fellow small businesses

19. Post a sneak peek of what you’re currently working on

20. Post a throwback of a previous project

Blog created by Jia Balinggao

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